Things You Should Remember Before Starting A Blog


In this fast-growing world, everyone is interested in making a passive income. The first and foremost thing needed for passive income is passion. Because without passion, you will not be consistent in your blogging journey. I have seen many people stop blogging because they got bored with what they are doing. It is the lack of passion for what they are trying to achieve through their blog. So here am including some of the basic things you should know before you start a blog.

Starting A Blog

It’s easy to start a blog but it is very difficult to maintain in a proper way to increase your passive income. You have to always read and read until you get 100 % perception about a topic. Then only you can become a “Real Blogger”.

“Reading is the key source of the Blogger!!!”

” I am including these points from my personal blogging experience!!! “

1. You Have To Decide Your Domain Name

First, you have to decide your domain name for your website. Make sure that there should be some meaning related to your website. Then only the right customers can come and visit your website easily. The website name should easily spell and remembered.

You fixing the domain name, you should think about the contents which you are going to write on your blog. Then only the domain name suits your blog.

You can also get domain names for free from Godaddy, Bluehost, Bigrock, etc when you get hosting packages from them. But I always prefer Bluehost and HostGator.

2. Selecting The Proper Web Hosting Tool

After selecting a domain name, you need a proper web hosting. You can go for Bluehost if you are interested and in the long run. You will get a free domain name as well. The next good option and easy WordPress managing web hosting of HostGator. You can go for that.

3. You Have To Install WordPress

For installing WordPress first, you have to download the latest WordPress software from the Installing WordPress (eg: WordPress Installation in Ubuntu).

If you follow the steps properly, your WordPress installation is done successfully. Now you can access your dashboard. All the things that are given in the dashboard are easy to follow and understandable.

4. Select The WordPress Theme

You can select any theme from ThemeForest. It has many SEO optimized attractive themes based on various niches. If you want free themes you can get it from the official WordPress website also. Always select a responsive theme so that it is easy for the people who are using iPads, mobile phones, or even different sizes of laptops.

5. Create a Meaningful Logo For Your Website

You can set the logo mainly in two ways. One is simply writing the key name from the domain name in a different style. The other one is you can design it by giving meaning to that logo. You can do it by using Adobe Photoshop, Logomaker, etc. If you are looking for a free solution, you can try

6. Add Genuine Content To Your Website

You have to help the people those who urge to get ideas from your website. You have to write the information very precise and clear. There should not be any redundancy content in your site. You have to write the content by using keywords. Contents should be attractive and true to knowledge.

7. Use of Social Media

For getting traffic for your website, you have to follow people on social media websites  like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Then only people will come to know about your site. You have to tweet and post for every relevant information of your website. You can increase traffic by increasing email list. An email campaign for your followers will increase your website presesne and revenue if you are trying to sell something on your website.

It’s the time of smart workers. People are giving away money for getting good promotion. You can promote your content in Facebook, Google or other social media sites using their paid ads option. As a result, your website page ranking will increase easily. You will get thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter etc.


Above steps are the important and relevant information that I felt as a blogger. I wrote it for you very precisely and clearly. You have to start blogging and feel the same as I felt. So why are you waiting for and go and start a blog today. See you through blogging!!!

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Hello! How are you? I would like to share that I have used for a while the website to create and download my logos for free! Maybe it would be nice to include this tip in your article 😉