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Top FREE Web Development Courses For Beginners

Learning web development gives you a multitude of options to start your own business website from scratch, or getting a high paid web development job or to earn money as a freelance web developer. To make web development learning easy, we have collected a list of FREE online web development courses which covers everything from front end to backend technologies.

10 FREE Web Development Courses

Here is the list of top 10 free web development courses we have collected from Udemy. All these courses have really good student ratings and handpicked by our developers.

1.HTML and CSS for Beginners

The first step in learning web development is learning HTML and CSS. This course is the right start for you if you are getting started with web development. This course is specifically created for beginners. Unlike other promotional courses, this course contains 6 hours of quality content with 50 lectures.

2. Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch

Once you learned the basics of HTML and CSS, you can start with this HTML5 course to learn the latest trends and tags in HTML development.

3. jQuery For Beginners

Jquery is a dynamic front-end technology from creating awesome animations and effect for web pages. It is a must have knowledge for all web developers. You can make use of this course to get started with Jquery.

4. Learning PhP From Scratch

Once you complete learning front end technologies, you can start learning PhP. It is one of the best backend web programming languages which is been used by top websites. Also, PhP is the base for popular content management systems like WordPress, drupal etc. By knowing PhP you can create an awesome website on top of this CMS frameworks.

5. MySQL for Beginners

Every dynamic website needs a database. MySQL is a popular open-source database. In this course, you can learn the MySQL basics, creating databases, querying databases and much more.

6. Create a Joomla Website

Joomla is a content management system which lets you create great blogs and business websites in less time. Joomla backend it developed in PhP and it uses MySQL database. so with some PhP and MySQK knowledge, you can start developing Joomla websites.

7. Set Up WordPress And Blog

WordPress is another popular CMS. It is the top CMS of all and can be used to create business websites, forums, social networking sites, blogs and much more. In this course, you will learn the basics fo WordPress and how to create websites on top of the framework. WordPress used PhP and MySQL database.

Other Few Options

Apart from Udemy, you have few more options to learn web development for free. Following are the list of websites which offer a free trial for their subscriptions. You can use the free trial and learn the technology you want.

1. Treehouse

2. Pluralsight


In this article, we have listed the best free resources for learning web development. If you think some resources are worth adding to the list, please do let us know in the comment section.


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