Videoscribe Discount: Make Video Animations Easier Than Ever

Videoscribe discount

With Videoscribe, you can turn your words into a wild-eyed animated story.

It’s easy to create mesmerizing stories because it supports various platforms like Facebook and YouTube!

With just the push of a button, feed your followers with rich content that will keep them coming back for more. Also, we include Videoscribe discount codes and offers here. So that, you can save a little more.

Videoscribe Free Trial Account

You can use the Videoscribe free trial account for 7 days before deciding whether or not it works well enough for your needs!

Once you create videos with the free account, all videos will be private until after your 7-day period has elapsed.

At this point, videos become public unless they’re set to unlist by editing the video’s settings in Videoscribe.

Do not hesitate! Join now!

[Save 59%] Videoscribe Discount for Annual Plan

You only have to pay $10 per month for this annual plan which is an incredible amount of savings. Because you will get an extra 10% off for the Annual subscriptions currently. So make use of it at the maximum.

It’s a great deal. For $360, you’ll get all the benefits of an annual plan which costs only $127.44 right now!

[Up to 20% off] Videoscribe Discount for Team Annual Plan

You can go for a team plan to check whether this software tool will suit you or not.

That’s $35 instead of the regular price of $42.5, which is great if you’re on a budget!

Videoscribe Discount for Monthly Plan

If you are running out of money, you can also try and use it for one month to check whether it will work for you or not.

You have to just pay $17.5 per month only. Try it out!!!

About Videoscribe

You can use the VideoScribe to make your own captivating and customized videos. You can also import drawings or images, add text, music – anything you want.

You can create custom videocasts with what YOU want: import artwork of yourself and others (or not!), customize soundtracks by adding in any audio file from iTunes to cut back on production time without sacrificing quality- all for an affordable price tag.

Why you should go with Videoscribe?

It is a new media, video. It has all the power of text and images combined with the benefits of audio.

So how does it work?

VideoScribe is a whiteboard animation app that allows users to create five-minute animations in just minutes.

To do this, the user simply has to follow three simple steps:

  1. They draw or add images and text on their screen then an appropriate time for its appearance
  2. Next, record your voiceover with a video.
  3. Finally, publish!

Here are the 3 main reasons why you should consider using this new form of content marketing in your next campaign:

  1. Video makes information more memorable. A picture may be worth 1000 words, but a video can convey emotions and ideas that simply cannot be captured by any other medium.
  2. Videoscribe is more shareable than text or image-based content because they’re typically shorter and require less scrolling for viewers to see what’s happening on screen.
  3. People seem to remember videos better than written articles, even if they’re not explicitly paying attention while viewing them.

Is Videoscribe useful for Business?

Videoscribe is a tool that lets you create animated videos with just one click. It comes stocked full of video templates but also allows customization so your brand can shine through in the final product.

The team has been working hard to ensure SEO success by designing all its elements for this purpose and creating an interface that makes it easy to edit things like logos or voice-overs without having any coding knowledge at all!

Videoscribe offers many preloaded features such as background music and logo customization. Something great if you are looking for some quick fixes on short notice as well.

FAQs Related To Videoscribe

Is VideoScribe worth buying?

With VideoScribe you can create high-quality animations with ease. Whether for your business or educational needs, this software will be a helpful tool in creating stunning video content that meets the standards of today’s media-savvy consumer base.

How much does VideoScribe cost?

The monthly plan costs $17.5, the quarterly plans are only available at a one-time payment of $35 with no recurring fees, or annual subscriptions that give you an incredible deal: paying just $96 per year gets you 12 months.

Does Videoscribe have a free trial or demo version of VideoScribe?

Yes, Videoscribe is currently having a 7 days free trial. That’s not all though! You can also check out their free demo here for more information about what Videoscribe has to offer.


Just because it’s free for a week doesn’t mean you should automatically sign up! Videoscribe is worth their service, affordable rates, and great customer service.

Sign up now to see how Videoscribe can help your business grow, or check out reviews on the website before signing anything at all.

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