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(80% off ) Jenkins Bootcamp: Fully Automate Builds Through Deployment

This Jenkins BootCamp course will teach you Continuos Integration for your projects using Latest Jenkins . Nowadays Jenkins is not something that you can eliminate for your development projects. CI has become an integral part of application development.

Jenkins Bootcamp Coupon

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What Will You learn?

  1. Jenkins Installation
  2. Learn about tools and various plugins for Jenkins.
  3. CI with Jenkins fro Java programs
  4. Build, test and Analyze Java projects.
  5. Build a resilient CI system.

About the Author

This course is taught by Jason Taylor, who had more than 20 years of programming experience and knows the best practices and tools to use in the software development process.



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Get All Udemy Course for $9.99 Redeem Offer
Get All Udemy Course for $9.99 Redeem Offer