Best Free Online Course Websites
  • January 20, 2019
  • By skillslane
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Best Free Online Course Websites List – Top 4

If you want to upgrade your profile, or maybe you want to learn a new technology or a skill that you are interested in, you can always make use of free courses available online.

Free Online Course Websites

In this article, we have listed the top websites where you can learn a new skill for free.


Coursera is completely free and aims at providing high-quality online education completely free. you can learn programming, management, big data and much more from experienced college professors and teachers.

All the video courses are completely free. However, if you need to specialize in some technology or a skill set, you can pay to get grades and specialization.

Website Link: View Coursera


Udemy is the No 1 provider for online courses. Anyone can learn or teach without spending any money. All the free courses you subscribe is free for a lifetime.

There are also many paid courses from instructors from all over the world ranging from $5 -to $50. For paid courses, you can find coupons from here. Udemy coupons

Website Link: View Udemy


Skillshare is another great online portal for many free courses. It offers courses in music, design, culnary, fashion, writing, photography and much more.

It also has a premium program for just 0.99 cents for 3 months. Which is pretty cheat for quality online courses.

Website Link: View Skillshare

Khan Academy

A completely free online portal for developing your skillets. It offers courses for math, computer science, economics, finance and much more.

Website Link: View Khan Academy

In this Free Online Course Websites List, we have seen the options available to get a learn a new skill for free. If you have come across other online


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Get All Udemy Course for $9.99 Redeem Offer