Skillshare Free Premium Subscription + 50% Discount on Annual Plans

Skillshare Free Premium Subscription

To help you in your creative online learning with Skillshare, we have listed all the ways to get Skillshare premium for free using exclusive Skillshare coupon codes. So if you are looking for a Skillshare discount, you have come to the right place.

In the latest Skillshare offer [November Updated], you will get a minimum of one month of Skillshare free premium account.

Skillshare Free Premium & Latest Offers

Skillshare Premium subscription has all the courses which are not free. These courses basically come under the paid plan.

However, if you are looking for Skillshare paid courses for free, use the exclusive one-month free premium to access it completely free of cost. This is for a limited time.

Also, this article covers the five other Skillshare discount offers. Let’s have a look at the list of discounts.

[100% Off] Skillshare Discount Coupon

Using our exclusive Skillshare coupon is available now, you will get a one-month Skillshare premium subscription for free on Skillshare. This is a limited-time offer. The latest offer currently running and is available for a limited time only. Check out the link below.

Note: This offer expires soon

40% Off Skillshare Flash Sale

With this Skillshare flask sale, you will get a 40% discount on a Skillshare premium subscription. This is a limited-time offer.

Coupon: Use code FLASH40 at checkout.

It allows you to get unlimited access to all the Skillshare courses without any restrictions to explore your creativity with classes in illustration, photography, design, and more.

40% OFF Skillshare Annual Plan

With this exclusive offer, you will get a flat 40% discount on a Skillshare premium annual plan. If you are a new member, you will get a free month of access and an additional 40% discount on the annual plan.

Coupon Code: aff40dtp

Skillshare 30% Off Skillshare Annual Plan

This is the latest promo code offer. If you are really interested in learning any topic from Skillshare for an annual subscription. You can go for an annual subscription if you are interested. Then for an annual subscription, you will get 30% off on the premium plan. Grab your best deal today.

Coupon Code: annual30aff

Skillshare 20% Off Monthly Subscription

If you are looking for a three-month subscription from Skillshare, that is expired. Now you can get a 20% flat discount on the Annual subscription. You just have to pay $36 for three months.

Skillshare 33% Off 6 Months Subscription

With a Skillshare Gift card, Get a flat 33% off on the half-yearly plan. You just have to pay $60, which is $10 per month as compared to $12 for 3 monthly subscriptions.

Skillshare 47% Off 12 Months Subscription

This is the best Skillshare premium yearly subscription discount. Get a flat 47% discount on 12 monthly plans. Just pay $96 for 12 months, which is $8 per month. First, you can go for one month of free Skillshare premium. Then if you want to continue learning, you can go for the Skillshare price plan like an annual subscription plan.

Skillshare 3 months Free [Expired]

This offer is removed by Skillshare. It has been changed to a one-month premium Skillshare subscription. If you are looking for 3 months free, you can opt for one free premium trial + refer friends to get additional months. Free Skillshare accounts are not available currently.

Skillshare Student Discount

If you are a student, you have the following two student discount options to get Financial assistance from Skillshare.

  1. Skillshare Student Scholarships: If you have a valid .edu address get 50% off a Premium Membership. This you can make use of after using a one-month premium Skillshare subscription for free.
  2. Skillshare Premium Scholarship: As a student, you can apply for a yearly scholarship from Skillshare. Once approved you will have access to skillshare courses for one year.

Here is how a student discount works,

skillshare student discount through scholarship

Skillshare Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discount 2023

Another great way to save money on a Skillshare premium account is during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With Skillshare’s Black Friday discount, you could get maximum savings from the premium plan.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer for 2022 has expired. Now we have to wait for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 deals from Skillshare in November 2023.

Refer a Friend and Get a $10 Skillshare Credit

If you refer a friend and he joins Skillshare, you will get $10 added to your account. That is equivalent to a one-month premium subscription. There is no limit on how many friends you can invite.

Just go to the menu, and select the refer a friend option. You will get a special link to share with your friends as shown below.

skillshare refer a friend discount

Become a Teacher Assistant To Get Skillshare Free Access

If you become part of the Skillshare teacher assistant program, you can get free access to all the courses. You have to teach a class and get all the benefits of learning other skill sets completely free from other instructors.

You can directly apply for the TA program

How To Redeem the Skillshare Discount?

You can use the offer activation button. It will directly take you to the correct offer page. Most of the latest coupon is visible at the top bar of the link itself. Then you can enjoy it. In addition to this, the current offer you have for 2 months totally free.

Use the “Start for free” option as shown in the image below to register for the free account.

skillshare three months free account.

Above all, the latest genuine Skillshare coupon will be updated regularly in this post. Therefore, don’t ever miss to check this post when you need any offers for Skillshare.

Skillshare Top Course Categories

Skillshare is one of the best online course portals and it has the following main creative course categories.

  1. Business:- The business category includes online courses for business intelligence. The other important field related to business is data science. In data science, a course like data visualization, data analysis, etc. is included. Another important field is to know about Excel. Here, Excel-related course like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Spreadsheets, etc. is covered.
  2. Animation:- In the animation category, it includes 2D animation, 3D animation, 3D Rendering, 3D Modeling, etc for creating easy videos in order to improve your business. You can also learn about Adobe After Effects, motion graphics, graphic design-related courses, etc.
  3. Design:- Design is a vast area. In Skillshare, you can learn about mobile design, interaction design like UI design, and web design to create an awesome website for you. You can use your creative skills for web development for your blog or for your business.
  4. Illustration can easily create digital illustrations for painting, coloring, drawing, sketching, etc.
  5. Film and Video Classes:-You can start with the basics of lighting effects in videos, film editing, filmmaking video classes, video production, etc.
  6. Music:- You can learn the creative skill for creative music composition, music education, music technology, etc. You can also learn about music theory, how to write songs, how to do music production etc.
  7. Photography:- You can easily learn the top tips and tricks for photo editing, digital photography, how to do photo editing, how to take portrait photography, etc.
  8. Technology:- You can learn how to write coding from professionals with a few steps. Another important step is to achieve web design easily with the help of HTML and CSS codes within a few hours.
  9. Creative Writing:- You can learn how to think of an imaginary world with creative characters for your story development. How to simplify and think positively in order to write essays within a few minutes.
  10. Lifestyle: Here, you can learn about games, health, home business, etc. You can learn to do different craftworks, different languages, how to teach online, etc.

There are thousands of courses from the above categories. Each course is tailored to meet the learner’s requirements.

The best part about each course is the short videos. You don’t get bored watching lengthy videos. All the videos are made as short as possible to keep you interested in the learning process.

skillshare course categories

Also, Skillshare has the concept of Workshops wherein you can learn real-world creative skills-building projects along with the instructors. You can choose a workshop based on the workshop availability and your schedule.

Online learning has become part of everyone’s life. If you are a student or a professional you have to be part of some online learning community to learn and upgrade your skillsets.

Skillshare is the best online portal for gaining practical knowledge of creative skills. You can learn these skills from skilled professionals.

Skillshare Chroma Courses

Skillshare has introduced cohort-based multi-week courses with exclusive content. You need to reserve your spot to get access to the cohorts. Sometimes you will get added to the waitlist to be part of chroma courses.

Following are some of the popular chroma courses

  1. Become a Professional Food & Product Photographer With Tabitha Park
  2. Plan Your Dream Career With Holley M. and Dr. Carrie Kholi-Murchison
  3. Create Brand Merch Using Vector Illustration With DKNG
  4. Build Your Brand & Business with Jeff Staple
  5. Develop Your Signature Photo Style With Brandon Woelfel

Skillshare Latest Course Updates

We regularly update the latest popular courses from Skillshare.

Following are the latest popular Skillshare courses.

  1. Develop a Sketchbook Practice: Unleash Creativity & Embrace Self-Care
  2. The Art & Science of Figure Drawing: Complete Figure Demo
  3. Beginner Guitar: Terminology, Tuning & Reading Music
  4. Master Masking Fluid in Watercolor Painting: 10 Days of Discovery
  5. Portrait Photography: Shoot & Edit Instagram-Worthy Shots
  6. Mastering TikTok: Stop Scrolling & Post Your 1st TikTok
  7. The Ultimate Self-Care Playbook
  8. Patterns Are Forever: Create a Symmetric Diamond Pattern in Procreate
  9. Real Productivity: How to Build Habits That Last

Skillshare Free Subscription FAQs

What is the Best Skillshare Coupon Code?

If you go to you can find offers ranging from a free premium subscription to 40% off an annual subscription. Use coupon FLASH40 to get a 40% discount as part of the latest Skillshare flask sale.

What is the Maximum Discount Skillshare Offers?

Skillshare offers a maximum of 40% OFF + one Month of Free Skillshare premium account for all new users. Skillshare has a few specials for Black Friday or Cyber Monday each year, but those offers are only for a few days.

Is Skillshare a Good Learning Platform for Creative Skills?

Yes. Skillshare primarily focuses on different kinds of creative skills.

What are the ways to get a Skillshare subscription for free?

You can get Skillshare free access through 1) a one-month free premium trial 2) by referring a friend with the Skillshare referral program 3) by becoming a teaching assistant and 4) enrolling in the Skillshare scholarship program.


In this blog, I have listed all the Skillshare premium free access methods. You can get discounts as a student, learner, and instructor.

You can select your favorite course and learn without any interruption. You can check whether a particular course is good for you or up to the mark or not. The overall idea about each course can be easily drawn from the review of each course.

Also, if you are looking to subscribe to individual courses, you should check out Udemy courses. You could get up to 95% discount using Udemy coupons for most of the courses.

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