[70% OFF] Linux Foundation Coupons & Promo Codes

Linux Foundation Coupons

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Check out the exclusive Linux Foundation coupons to get the maximum discount currently running is 35% off and save up to $300 for bundles. That means an extra $75 for bundle purchases.

Use Linux Foundation Coupon code: DEVOPS35 for a flat 35% off.

That means for individual courses, you will get $75 off and for bundle purchases, you will get a flat $139 off.

This post contains all the latest Linux Foundation promotions for September 2022

What are the Latest Linux Foundation Coupons and Promo Codes?

You will get several offers for each certification course. Using the Linux Foundation coupon code you will get a discount from $100 to $300. You can see the latest and updated discount offers for each course from here. You will get up to 70% off for certification courses by using Linux Foundation Coupon from Skillslane.com.

[$64 Discount] Linux Foundation Promotions

Currently, the Linux Foundation is offering a flat 15% discount on all its certification and training programs using the latest Linux Foundation coupon codes that are given below.

Coupon: use DEVOPS35 at checkout

[$64 Discount] CKA coupon [September 2022]

Get a $64 discount on the certified kubernetes administrator certification exam using this exclusive coupon code. The CKA exam is focused on Kubernetes administration aspects. It is the number one Kubernetes certification preferred by DevOps engineers.

Coupon: Use code DEVOPS35 at checkout.

[$64 Discount] CKAD coupon [September 2022]

Get a $64 discount on the Certified Kubernetes Developer certification exam using this exclusive coupon code. The CKAD exam is focused on Kubernetes development aspects. It is the preferred cloud native certification among developers.

Coupon: use DEVOPS35 at checkout

[$64 Discount] CKS coupon [September 2022]

Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) is security focussed Kubernetes certification. You need to pass the CKA exam before appearing for the CKS exam. That is a prerequisite. When you buy CKA + CKS certification exam, you will get a discount of $217.

Coupon: use DEVOPS35 at checkout

[$64 OFF] KCNA Coupon [September 2022]

Get a $64 discount on Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate Exam (KCNA) certification exam. KCNA is the entry-level Kubernetes certification.

Coupon: Use code SCOFFER15 at checkoCoupon: use SCOFFER15 at checkout

[$64 Savings] LFCS Coupon [September 2022]

Save $64 with Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) certification bundle. When you purchase the LFCS certification with the course, you can save $139. Additionally, you can save 15% using the sitewide coupon code given above.

Coupon: Use code DEVOPS35 at checkout

[$200 Off] Linux Foundation Sysadmin Day Sale

Grab all the Linux Foundation training and certification courses up to $200off using Linux Foundation coupons here. [Expired]

Grab the offer for Sysadmin Day Sale from here :

Why not celebrate SysAdmin Day and receive a FREE gift with purchase?

The new joiners will get attractive special gifts as well from the Linux Foundation team as well.

When you purchase any of our training courses, certification packages, or power bundles from now until July 29th, 2022 we will also send a pair of Tux socks with every order.

You can redeem this offer by claiming your gift after an order has been completed and it ships out in September 2022!

[25% OFF] Linux Foundation Flash Sale [Expired]

Grab all the Linux Foundation training and certification courses with a flat 25% off using Linux Foundation coupons here. Valid only for 2 days. Expires on July 14th, 2022.

Coupon: Use code FLASH22 at checkout

Linux Foundation Free Courses

You can get free courses also from Linux Foundation for open source networking technologies, blockchain, etc. Other free courses are related to professional open source management, open-source software development, and even more.

About Linux Foundation

Linux Foundation plays an important role in open-source software as well as hardware. You can easily solve critical projects based on world infrastructure as well. These problems are easily solved by doing the Linux Foundation Training courses. It includes Linux, Node.js, Kubernetes, etc. You can also get certified with Linux Foundation Courses.

Prices Are Increased From August 1, 2022

From August onwards, prices are increased for all certifications by 5%. This means that certification will cost you an additional $20 per month. However, if your order includes more than one certificate then those prices are going up too.

That means $375-course certification will cost you $395 from August 1st, 2022 onwards. But you will get a flat 15% off using the Linux Foundation Coupon code: SCOFFER15

Linux Foundation Certification Updates

In the latest update, Linux foundation training announced the change of exam terminal. The latest hands-on exam terminal uses the PSI bridge.

You can try out similar interface on Killer coda

What is the cost of CKA certification?

The actual price of CKA certification is $395. You will get it for a 35% discount using the Linux foundation coupon code: DEVOPS35.

How much does a Kubernetes administrator make?

Kubernetes administrators command a healthy salary. The average base pay is about $120,000 per year with incentives that can push up the earnings to around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in some cases according to his experience!

Best Offer Currently Running in Linux Foundation?

35% off for the training courses from Linux Foundation. Use coupon code “DEVOPS35“. Extra up to $300 you can save for bundle purchases.

What should I do after CKA?

The Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) is a new certification that was just released by the Cloud Native Compute Foundation. This track will teach you how to use security best practices in your work with containerized workloads and kubeconfigs!

How difficult is Kubernetes developer certification?

Kubernetes is hard and challenging, but thankfully it’s not impossible to learn if you put in the work. Thankfully for those who find themselves struggling with this technology or certification exam- preparation whichever came first – there are some tried and true resources available in Linux Foundation with discounts right now

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