Linux Foundation Coupons & Promo Codes for May 2024

Linux Foundation Coupons

Looking for Linux Foundation coupons? We got you covered with the latest coupon codes and promotion details to get maximum savings.

Note: We have updated Linux Foundation coupons for may 2025. We update all special discounts, and exclusive promo codes every month, guaranteeing savings on Linux Foundation certifications, courses, Skillcreds, and IT Professional Programs.

Linux Foundation Coupon Codes (May 2024)

We’re thrilled to bring you a wide array of enticing offers for every Linux Foundation certification and related program. With the unbeatable Linux Foundation coupon code, prepare to unlock extraordinary savings ranging from $80 to an incredible $300 off on individual courses and certification bundles.

[40% Off] Linux Foundation Education Sale

Get up to 50% discount on certifications, bundles, skillcreds and IT professional programs.

Coupon: Use MAY24CT at checkout

[55% Off] Linux Foundation Certification Bundles

Get up to 55% discount on Linux Foundation certification bundles. With the Kubestronaut Bundle you could save up to $788

Coupon: Use MAY24PLUSCT at checkout

Following are best bundles.

  1. KCNA + KCSA + CKA + CKAD + CKS ($938 Savings)
  2. CKA + CKAD + CKS Exam bundle ($638 Savings)
  3. CKA + CKS Bundle ($428 Savings)

[30% Off] Linux Foundation Site Wide Sale

This special site-wide offer will expire within a few days. So utilize it for maximum savings.You can use this coupon for certifications, courses, skillcreds and IT professional programs.

Coupon: Use 30COMTECHIES at checkout

[25% Discount] Latest Linux Foundation Coupon Code

With the latest Linux Foundation Coupon Code, you can get up to 30% off on certifications, e-learning courses, and certification bundles.

Coupon: Use SCRIPT20 at checkout

Note: This sale expires soon ⌛

Savings Tip: For the CKA +CKAD + CKS exam bundle, you can save upto $300 using code SCRIPT20. Best savings if you are preparing for Kubernetes Certifications.

If you plan to do more than one certification or training program, please check all the certification bundles we have given below.

For example, IT professional programs offer huge bundle discounts (up to 80% ) with a combination of courses and certifications.

Also, for instructor-led courses, use code EARTHDAY24ILT  to get a 30% discount.

[Save $206] CKA + CKAD + CKS Exam Bundle Discount

With the CKA + CKAD + CKS jumbo bundle, you can save $206. i.e., will get a flat $80 discount on each certification.

Coupon: Use SCRIPT20 at checkout

[Save $170] CKA + CKS Exam Bundle Discount

Get a $170 discount on the CKA + CKS exam bundle using this exclusive coupon code. That is a 24% discount as compared to the original price.

Coupon: Use DCUBE20 at checkout

[Save $170] KCNA + CKA Certification Bundle

Save $170 when you opt for the KCNA + CKS certification bundle. This is a great bundle for DevOps engineers.

Coupon: Use SCRIPT20 at checkout

[$80 OFF ] CKA Exam Coupon

Get an $80 discount on the certified Kubernetes administrator certification exam using this exclusive coupon code. The CKA exam is focused on Kubernetes administration aspects. It is the number one Kubernetes certification preferred by DevOps engineers.

Coupon: Use code DCUBE20 at checkout.

[$80 Discount] CKS Exam coupon

Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) is a security-focused Kubernetes certification. You need to pass the CKA exam before appearing for the CKS exam. That is a prerequisite. When you buy the CKA + CKS certification exam, you will get a discount of up to $210.

Coupon: Use SCRIPT20 at checkout

[20% OFF] KCNA Exam Coupon

Get a $190 discount on the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate Exam (KCNA) certification exam. KCNA is the entry-level Kubernetes certification.

Coupon: Use DCUBE20 at checkout

[$190 Savings] LFCS Exam Coupon

Save $190 with the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) certification bundle. When you purchase the LFCS certification with the course, you can save up to $400. Additionally, you can save 35% using the sitewide coupon code given above.

Coupon: Use code DCUBE20 at checkout

[$35 OFF] Prometheus Certified Associate (PCA)

Get $50 savings on PCA certification. This certification is focused on prometheus and observability. It is a multiple-choice certification exam.

Coupon: Use code SCRIPT20 at checkout

[35% OFF] Linux Foundation IT Professional Programs Coupon

All the Linux Foundation IT Professional Programs offer 35% discounts as compared to the original prices of the certification and courses that are part of the Professional program. You get $1000 bundle savings. Use coupon code SCRIPT20 to get an extra 20% discount.

Coupon: Use code SCRIPT20 at Professional Program Checkout

50% OFF CKA, CKAD, CKS & Others
(Rewards Program)

You can get a 50% discount on CKA, CKAD, and other training and certification products using the Linux Foundation Tux rewards program. Once you spend $500 with the Linux foundation, you are eligible for a 50% discount on all the certifications. It is available all the time as part of the rewards program. There is no expiry.

To check your 50% discount eligibility, go to the page and sign in with the Linux Foundation ID.

Go to Purchase –> Coupons. If you are eligible for the 50% discount, you will see the redeemable coupons as shown below.

50% OFF CKA, CKAD, CKS redeemable coupon using tux rewards

For example, If you purchase CKA and CKAD or other certifications, you will automatically get a 50% discount on CKS or any other certification.

[40% Discount] Linux Foundation Tech Talent Sale[Expired]

Withe the latest Tech Talent sale, you can get flat 40% discount on certifications, e-learning courses and certification bundles. Also you can read the State of Tech Talent Report published as part of this sale.

Coupon: Use TECHTALENT2024CT at checkout

Note: This sale expires on April 30th ⌛

[Flat 30% Discount] Linux Foundation Earth Day [Expired]

Check out this latest offer from the Linux Foundation for all certifications and courses as well as for IT professional programs.

Promo code: Use coupon EARTHDAY24COM at checkout

Note: This offer expires very soon ⏳

% Discount] Women’s Day Special Discount from Linux Foundation [Expired]

Get a big discount on your learning journey! As part of the International Women’s Day sale, get a 30% discount on Certifications, IT Professional Programs, and Bundles.

Promo code: Use coupon IWD24 at checkout

Note: This offer expires very soon ⏳

Flat 40% off] Linux Foundation Site-Lunar Day Sale [Expired]

Secure a whopping 40% discount on all certifications, e-learning courses, Boot camps, SkillCreds, and IT Professional programs.

Coupon: Use LUNAR24COM at checkout

Note: This offer expires on Feb 9th, 2024⏳

For 60% discounts, make use of the certification bundles.

[$200 Off] Linux Foundation Sysadmin Day Sale [Expired]

Grab all the Linux Foundation training and certification courses for up to $ 200 off using Linux Foundation coupons here. [Expired]

Grab the offer for the Sysadmin Day Sale from here :

Why not celebrate SysAdmin Day and receive a gift with your purchase?

The new joiners will get attractive special gifts as well from the Linux Foundation team.

When you purchase any of our training courses, certification packages, or power bundles from now until July 29th, 2022 we will also send a pair of Tux socks with every order.

You can redeem this offer by claiming your gift after an order has been completed and it ships out in September 2022!

[40% Discount] Linux Foundation Prime Day Sale [Expired]

Get a 40% sitewide discount on all certifications, courses, boot camps, and instructor-led training. It is a limited-time offer.

Coupon: use PRIME22 at checkout

[25% OFF] Linux Foundation Flash Sale [Expired]

Grab all the Linux Foundation training and certification courses with a flat 25% off using Linux Foundation coupons here. Valid only for 2 days. Expires on July 14th, 2023.

Coupon: Use code FLASH22 at checkout

Linux Foundation Free Courses

You can get free courses also from the Linux Foundation for open-source networking technologies, blockchain, etc. Other free courses are related to professional open-source management, open-source software development, and even more.

Linux Foundation System Admin Sale is On

The current running offer is to save $100 for individual certifications and courses and save $200 on certification-course bundles. That means an extra $100 for bundle purchases. Save $400 on Professional Programs, Power Bundles, and instructor-led Courses. This offer is until July 30, 2023.

[Up To 55% Discount] Linux Foundation Haloween Sale [Expired]

As part of the Halloween sale, you get an opportunity to save up to a 55% discount on the south after certifications and a flat 40% discount on site-wide certifications, skillcreds, training courses, and professional programs.

Coupon: Use code SCARYTECHIES at checkout.

Note: This offer is expiring today . Save now and you will have 12 months of validity on all the registrations.

Here is how you can save 55% on certifications using this sale.

Purchase the certifications as bundles. Following are the two certification bundles in demand.

  1. CKA + CKS Bundle
  2. LFCA + KCNA Bundle

Don’t forget to use code SCARYTECHIES at checkout. Happy savings 🙂

Thrive One Early Cyber Sale (Get $790 Value Vouchers) [Expired]

With the Thrive-only early cyber sale, you can save 10% on the Thrive One all-access subscriptions. If you plan to do two certifications per year, you can save $790 with the two certification vouchers that are part of the Thrive One premium all-access subscription.

Coupon: Use code CYBERTHRIVE23 at checkout

Validity: This offer expires on November 18th. So lock the price as early as possible.

(65% OFF) Linux Foundation Cyber Monday Deal 2023 [Expired]

The Linux Foundation Cyber Monday deal for 2023 has expired now. The next Cyber Monday deal will be live on November 2024.

With this deal, you will get a 65% discount on certification bundles, Skillcreds, and IT Professional programs, and a 50% flat discount on individual certifications (CKA, CKAD, KCNA, etc.) and courses.

Coupon: Use CYBER23COM for certifications like CKA, CKAD, CKS, etc

Note: This Cyber Monday offer expires very soon ⏳

Use code CYBER23BUN with the following bundles to save 65%.

  1. CKA + CKAD + CKS Bundle ($711 Savings) – Best Savings Bundle
  2. CKA + CKS Bundle ($471 Savings)
  3. KCNA + CKA ( $390 Savings)

In the following table, we have organized the best deals you can use for December 2023 using Linux foundation coupons for individual as well as for bundle purchases with maximum discount currently running:

Best DealsDiscountCoupon Code
1. Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) – $395 $198
2. Certified Kubernetes App Developer (CKAD) – $395 $198
3. Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) – $395 $198
4. Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) – $395 $198
Flat 50% discountUse code CYBER23COM at Kubernetes Certifications
1. Cloud Engineer IT Professional Program ($1200 $420)
2. Advanced Cloud Engineer IT Professional Program ($1200 $420)
3. Cloud Native Developer IT Professional Program ($950 $333)
Save 65%Use code CYBER23ITPP at IT Professional Programs
1. CKA + CKAD + 2 Companion Courses
2. LFCA + LFCS + 2 Companion Courses
3. CKA + CKS + 2 Companion Courses
4. KCNA + CKA + 2 Companion Courses
5. LFCA + KCNA + 2 Companion Courses
6. JSNAD + JSNSD + 2 Companion Courses
Save 65%Use code CYBER23PB at Power Bundles
1. Kubernetes Administration (LFS458) – $3250 $1625
2. Linux Kernel Internals and Development (LFD420)- $3250 $1625
3. Kubernetes for App Developers (LFD459) – $3250 $1625
4. Embedded Linux Platform Development with Yocto Project (LFD460) – $3250 $1625
Save 50%Use code CYBER23COM at Instructor-led Courses

[35% OFF] Linux Foundation Holiday Discount Sale [Expired]

Get a flat 35% discount on all the Linux Foundation certification registrations for a very limited time. This is the best extended Cyber Monday discount you can get this year.

Coupon: Use HOLIDAY23COM at checkout

Note: This offer expires very soon ⏳

35% Off Linux Foundation Security Sale [$382 Savings]

For a limited time, the Linux Foundation is offering a 35% discount on certifications, bundles, IT professional programs, and skillcreds as part of the January New Year sale. It is an official coupon that is valid for a limited time.

Following are the key savings options.

  1. Use coupon NEWYEAR24PLUS with bundles to save up to $382
    • CKA + CKAD + CKS bundle
    • CKA + CKS Bundle
    • KCNA + CKA Bundle.
  2. Use code NEWYEAR24ILT for instructor-led courses.
  3. For individual certifications use code NEWYEAR24

[35% OFF] Two Days Linux Foundation Flash Sale [Expired]

As part of the two-days January flash sale, Linux Foundation is offering a flat 35% discount on its certifications, training courses, Skillcreds, etc.

Coupon: Use AWARD35 at checkout

Note: This offer expires in two days ⏳

About Linux Foundation

Linux Foundation plays an important role in open-source software as well as hardware. You can easily solve critical projects based on world infrastructure as well. These problems are easily solved by doing the Linux Foundation Training courses. It includes Linux, Node.js, Kubernetes, Istio, Prometheus, etc.

The Linux Foundation training offers the following.

  1. Certifications
  2. Skillcreds
  3. Professional Program
  4. Instructor-led training.

Under the Linux Foundation, there are 850 open-source projects.

Find Your Pot of Career Gold from the Linux Foundation [Expired]

Seize this exclusive deal before it expires on March 19th, 2024! Dive into your preferred course or certification today and begin crafting your dream career.

Unlock 40% Off IT Pro Programs & Bundles with Code: LUCK24

Grab 25% Off e-Learning, Certifications, & SkillCreds with Code: LUCK24CC

Get 25% Off on All Instructor-Led Courses with Code: LUCK24ILT

Linux Foundation Certification Updates

Linux Foundation renamed boot camps to Professional programs.

Linux Foundation announced the Istio Certified Associate (ICA) certification. It is focused on service mesh concepts. The certification costs $250. You can use our exclusive coupons to save money on the registration.

In the latest update, Linux foundation training announced the change of the exam terminal. The latest hands-on exam terminal uses the PSI bridge.

You can try out a similar interface on Killer Coda’s free remote scenario.

Linux Foundation FAQs

What is the cost of CKA certification?

The actual price of CKA certification is $395. You will get it for a 50% discount using the Linux foundation coupon code: DCUBE20.

How much does a Kubernetes administrator make?

Kubernetes administrators command a healthy salary. The average base pay is about $150,000 per year with incentives that can push up the earnings to around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in some cases according to his experience!

Best Offer Currently Running in Linux Foundation?

65% off for the training courses from the Linux Foundation. Use coupon code “CYBER23COM“. Extra up to $400 you can save for bundle purchases.

What should I do after CKA?

The Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) is a new certification that was just released by the Cloud Native Compute Foundation. This track will teach you how to use security best practices in your work with containerized workloads.

How difficult is Kubernetes developer certification?

Kubernetes is hard and challenging, but thankfully it’s not impossible to learn if you put in the work. Thankfully for those who find themselves struggling with this technology or certification exam- preparation whichever came first -, there are some tried and true resources available in Linux Foundation with discounts right now

When Does the Linux Foundation Cyber Monday Deal Start?

Get ready for the Linux Foundation’s Cyber Monday 2023 extravaganza! Kicking off this December, you can snag spectacular savings of up to 75% on a wide array of certifications, courses, bundles, and boot camps. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals!

Linux Foundation Coupons Update History

We keep track of all the latest offers from the Linux Foundation guaranteeing savings on every program. You can see the updated history below.

  1. December 1, 2023: Updated Valid Coupons for December with Cyber Monday Deal 2023 using Linux foundation coupons and exclusive offers for a limited period.
  2. October 17, 2023: Updated Security Sale Coupon.
  3. October 10, 2023: Updated 2 days Prime Day sale.

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