How to Setup and Install Skype on Centos 7

Installing skype on Centos is pretty straightforward as it is like on Windows and mac. You need to go through some steps to get it installed on your system.

Install Skype on Centos 7

This guide will teach you to install and configure Skype application on a Centos 7 machine. Follow the steps given below very carefully.

1. Install dependencies using the following command.

sudo yum install

2. Install skype using the following command.

yum install

That’s it! If you ran the above commands successfully, you can access the Skype application without any problem.

If there is any change made in the above URL’s by the maintainers, it might not work. If that’s the case, you can follow the steps given below.

Installation Through Commands

1. Execute the following commands in the terminal. It will download the relevant rpm for Centos 7

cd /usr/src
tar xjf skype*
mv skype* skype

2. Install few dependencies

yum install libXv.i686 libstdc++.i686 pulseaudio-libs.i686 qt.i686 qt-x11.i686 qtwebkit.i686 alsa-lib.i686 fontconfig.i686 freetype.i686 glib2.i686 libSM.i686 libXScrnSaver.i686 libXi.i686 libXrandr.i686 libXrender.i686 zlib.i686

3. Create a launch file.

vi /usr/bin/skype

4. Enter the following contents on to the launch file you created in the last step.

export SKYPE_HOME="/usr/src/skype"
$SKYPE_HOME/skype --resources=$SKYPE_HOME $*

5. Apply execute permissions for that file.

chmod +x /usr/bin/skype

6. Create few necessary symbolic links

ln -s /usr/src/skype/icons/SkypeBlue_48x48.png /usr/share/icons/skype.png
ln -s /usr/src/skype/icons/SkypeBlue_48x48.png /usr/share/pixmaps/skype.png
ln -s /usr/src/skype/skype.desktop /usr/share/applications/skype.desktop
cp /usr/src/skype/sounds/* /usr/share/sounds/
cp /usr/src/skype/lang/* /usr/share/lang/

7. Launch the skype application using the following commands.


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