12 Best NLP Courses in 2023: Beginner to Advanced Level

Best natural language processing courses online

Looking for best natural language processing (NLP) courses? we have got you covered.

As digital technology develops and computers become smarter than ever, Natural Language Processing or NLP is starting to become an important subject in the world today.

The term Natural Language Processing or NLP certainly defines the ability of computers to recognize and understand human speech as well as texts. It indeed allows computers to decipher the interactions between human beings efficiently. 

Kdnuggets says NLP is one of the top4 hottest trends in data science.

List of Best NLP Courses:

There are several accredited NLP courses available online. However, to help you out, we are listing the best ones just for you.

1. Deep Learning: Advanced NLP and RNNs

  1. Provider: Udemy
  2. Course Content: 8 Hours| 63 Lectures
  3. Type of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: $9 (97% Discount)
  5. Course Instructors: Lazy Programmers Inc

One of the best NLP certification online courses, it is an advanced course perfect for every individual wishing to take their knowledge of their natural language processing skills further.

In this course, you will certainly come to learn about problems like neural machine translation, classification of texts which includes understanding the difference between sentiments and spam and how to create programs for automated question answering.

To solve the aforementioned problems you will undergo rigorous NLP training on topics such as seq2seq, bidirectional RNNs, memory networks, and attention. 


  • A decent understanding of CNNs, word embeddings, and RNNs.
  • Ability to create, train as well as evaluate a neural network using Keras.
  • Good knowledge of Python coding.

2. Become a Natural Language Expert – [Nano Degree]

  1. Provider: Udacity
  2. Course Content: 3 months| 10-15 hrs/ week
  3. Type of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: Rs 58257 for 3 months

Certainly, this course from Udacity is amongst the best online NLP training programs that you can find.

It teaches you about the fundamentals of natural language processing along with lemmatisation, stemming, parts of speech tagging and sentiment analysis.

As a matter of fact, you will rather learn about machine translation models and different architectures of neural networks. Lastly, the course also educates you about different speech recognition models. 


  • Must have an intermediate to advanced level of knowledge in Python. 
  • Familiarity with probability and statistics.
  • Knowledge of machine learning, TensorFlow, Pytorch, and Keras.

3. Natural Language Processing – Part of Advanced Machine Learning

  1. Provider: Coursera
  2. Course Content: 38 Hours| 9 Readings|44 videos
  3. Type of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: Free
  5. Instructors: Anna Potapenko, Anna Kozlova, Andrei Zimovnov, Alexey Zobnin, Sergey Yudin

Part of advanced machine learning courses offered by Coursera, this one takes you further in your dream of becoming an NLP expert.

In these NLP classes, you will learn about text classification, sequence tagging, language modelling, seq2seq tasks, semantics of vector space models and dialogue systems.

The course also offers a final project in which you will explore everything you have learnt and gain hands-on experience.


  • Working knowledge of Python.
  • Understanding of basic NLP problems like sentiment analysis and text classification. 

4. Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow

  1. Provider: Coursera
  2. Course Content: 12 Hours| 13 Readings| 51 Videos
  3. Type of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: Free
  5. Instructors: Laurence Moroney

This is an excellent NLP course that every software developer with the intent of developing scalable algorithms powered by AI.

It will obviously allow you to create natural language processing systems with the help of Tensor flow.

With this course, you will learn about tokenising, analysis of neural networks, representation of sentences as vectors, and application of GRUs, RNNs, and LSTMs amongst several other things.


  • Understanding of high school level of mathematics.
  • Comfortable with the tensor flow.
  • Understanding of Python. 

5. Natural Language Processing (NLP)- Introduction to Cutting-edge Technologies

  1. Provider: Edx.org [By Microsoft]
  2. Course Content: 6 Weeks| 4-8 hours/ Week
  3. Type of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: Free / $99 for a verified certificate
  5. Instructors: Lei Ma, Roland Fernandez, Xiaodong He

An advanced level program, this certainly has been specially created by the instructors from Microsoft for helping you to take your knowledge of NLP to an even further level.

In this course, you will come to learn about the deep learning models of NLP and how to use them to solve the problems associated with machine translation as well as conversation problems.

Finally, you will also be taught about the deep semantic models for natural language applications and information retrieval. 


  • Basic understanding of mathematics. 
  • Good programming skills.
  • Understanding of machine learning and deep learning.

6. Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning in Python

  1. Provider: Udemy
  2. Course Content: 12 Hours | 95 Lectures
  3. Type of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: ~$9 (97% Discount)
  5. Course Instructors: Lazy Programmers Inc

As the name suggests, the content of this course focuses on natural language processing in the retrospect of deep learning.

After taking this course, you will have an in-detail understanding of word2vec as well as the skip-gram, CBOW method in word2vec along with their functioning.

As a matter of fact, you will also understand the functioning and implementation of GloVe. And understand even how you can use the recurring neural networks for entity recognition.

Finally, it will indeed help you to understand how you can use the recursive neural tensor networks for sentiment analysis, parts of speech tagging and much more. 


  • Proper understanding of probability, differential calculus, and linear algebra.
  • Skill in python coding.
  • Understanding of NumPy coding, neural networks, experience with tree algorithms, and fundamentals of NLP.

7. Sequence Models for Time Series and Natural Language Processing:

  1. Provider: Coursera
  2. Course Content: Approximate 20 Hours| 67 Videos| 2 readings
  3. Type of Certification: Paid certificate available upon Course Completion
  4. Pricing: Free
  5. Instructors: Google Cloud Training

Firstly, this course certainly introduces you to sequence models, time series and their applications.

The course also provides you with a deeper view of the architecture of sequence models, RNNs, LTSMs, how to predict future values of time series, problems with recurrent neural networks, classification of free-form text and much more.

Furthermore, you will also get hands-on training on a variety of datasets. 


  • Familiar with Python and Basic SQL.
  • Indeed have a proper understanding of the concepts of tensor flow.

8. Natural Language Processing and Language Understanding in Educational Research

  1. Provider: Edx.org [By Universit of Texas]
  2. Course Content: 3 Weeks| 5-7 Hours/ Week
  3. Type of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: Free/ $99 for a verified certificate
  5. Instructors: Pete Smith, Henry Anderson

Offered by the University of Texas at Arlington, this course offers a vivid overview of the natural language process (NLP) as well as natural language understanding (NLU).

So, it will help you to evaluate different key aspects of NLP as well as NLU. Next, it will also provide you with a clear understanding of the analysis of unstructured data in the settings of educational research.

Lastly, you will certainly be educated about the tools and techniques you will need to analyze unstructured data and how to perform such an analysis.


  • Understanding of fundamentals of learning analytics.
  • A Bachelor’s degree.
  • Skills and interest in data science.

9. NLP – Natural Language Processing with Python

  1. Provider: Udemy
  2. Course Content: 11Hours 24 minutes| 80 Lectures| 9 Sections
  3. Type of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: Rs 360
  5. Course Instructors: Jose Portilla

This course serves as an online treasure trove on how to use Natural Language Processing with the help of the programming language, Python.

This course will help you to learn how to process pdf as well as text files with the help of python. You will also come to know the tricks of using regular expressions in order to search for complex expressions in a text file.

The course will also educate you about tokenization, lemmatization, entirety recognition, parsing, phrase matching, stop words, and much more.

More importantly, you will also learn about sentiment analysis as well as utilization of word2vec to create semantic word vectors.


  • Excellent python coding skills.
  • Basic concepts of Natural Language Processing in an understandable manner.

10. Getting Started with Natural Language Processing with Python

  1. Provider: Pluralsight
  2. Course Content: 1Hr 44m
  3. Type of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: $19.92/month
  5. Course Instructors: Swetha Kolalapudi

This is a beginner-level course that anyone can take up. In this course, you will be taught about using the Natural Language toolkit in order to process the raw text in python.

Furthermore, you will come to know about how to scrape websites in order to text by using the BeautifulSoup.

The course will also provide you with deep insights into machine learning too in order to summarise texts.

Above all, you will also learn to classify texts using machine learning and process raw data in order to apply the algorithms for machine learning into it. 


  • Good coding skills and a better understanding of the idea.
  • Fundamental grasp on python.

11. Introduction to Natural Language Processing with Python

  1. Provider: Datacamp
  2. Course Content: 4 hrs
  3. Type of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: $8.25/ month
  5. Course Instructors: Katharine Jarmun

This course is all about helping you to learn fundamental techniques of natural language processing and allowing you to extract insights from the tapestry of real-world texts using python.

It will introduce you to fundamental concepts of NLP including text parsing and tokenisation. With the help of this course, you will also be enlightened about complex concepts like recognition of names entities, identification of topics, and classifying “fake news”.

You will also become more adept at using the Natural Language Toolkit and Genism library. 


  • The basic concept of python and NLP.
  • Understanding different python libraries.

12. Natural Language Processing with Python Certification Course

  1. Provider: Edureka
  2. Course Content: 18 Hours| 6 Sessions
  3. Type of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: Rs 17,795

This course from Edureka will help you go through the concept of text processing to classify different texts by implementing the algorithm of machine learning.

You will also learn about text mining and its importance along with the role that NLP plays.

Furthermore, this course will give you a clear insight into how to set up the NLTK ambiance and get access to the NLTK corpora.

Tokenization, Stemming, Named Entity Recognition, POS tagging, Lemmatization, and Syntax Tree Parsing are also some of the things that you will learn from this course amongst several other things.


  • Good understanding of Machine Learning.
  • Skillful in python coding and gain proper knowledge about every aspect of it.

Frequently Asked NLP Questions

1. How does NLP work?

NLP or Natural Language Processing works by interpreting a text or audio message for the computers through proper algorithms. The algorithms work by conducting sentiment analysis, converting the sentences into vectors, and analyzing the neural networks to name a few.

2. What types of NLP training courses are available?

There are different types of NLP courses available online. Whether you want to introduce yourself to the world of Natural Language Processing or looking forward to enhancing your skills in deep learning, you will always find the perfect course for yourself.

3. Which is the best NLP course online?

As a matter of fact, there are certainly different types of courses available. However, you can choose the difficulty of the courses between beginners, intermediate, and advanced as per your pre-existing skills.

4. What are the steps included in an NLP course?

Every NLP course begins with brushing your fundamental concepts of NLP as they move forward to more complicated topics. Moreover, some providers also conduct quizzes after each module along with a project or final evaluation at the end of the course.

5. How much is the NLP certification course price?

The price of an NLP course depends on the provider entirely. As a matter of fact, there are several paid as well as free NLP courses available. Therefore, you can opt anyone for as per your preference.

So, make a pick and get professional help. Make no wrong choice and certainly save the talent for bagging the best deals. Grow yourself and your business.


Whether it is Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Echo or Google Home, everything from speech recognition to the development in AI technology, NLP plays a crucial role in all of it.

Thus, the job of an NLP expert is becoming more and more germane in the field of computer science today.

As per Gartner, NLP is one of the top 10 trends in the field of Data Analytics.

Next, an NLP expert acts between a medium between the machine and human beings. As a matter of fact, they create algorithms and feed essential data to help computers understand human interaction. And it proves to be a booming career opportunity for anyone with a good grasp on linguistics and computers.

But how can you become a master of NLP techniques? Well, the answer is simple, with a proper certification program. You have to learn online or offline by the side you have to practice hands-on. Then only you can master the techniques included in NLP.

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