14 Best Android Development Courses For Beginners in 2024

Best Android Development Courses For Beginners

Are you ready to enter the Android world as a developer?

Then you must like this list of best Android development courses.

There are many benefits of being an Android developer in the mobile application development industry.

If you want to build apps and make your career as an Android developer, then you can learn to develop apps just like you learned to program.

Several online courses for beginners can help you learn the much-needed skills to jump onto the Android developer bandwagon.

How to Become an Android Developer?

To become an Android developer,

  1. You need to start with programming in Java or Kotlin.
  2. Once you are familiar with any one of these languages, start with Android development core concepts like Intents, User Interface, Dynamix user interface, Fragments, Storage, Threading, etc.
  3. Start building real-world apps. If you don’t have any idea, pick any online course curriculum with real-world projects.
  4. Get feedback from friends and colleagues for your app.
  5. Finally, you need to familiarize yourself with publishing apps to the Google Play Store.

What are The Best Android Development Courses in 2024?

Here we have listed the top ten Android development courses for beginners to experts. All the tutorials are self-paced with strong support from the instructor.

1. The Complete Android Developer Course – Build 23 Apps [Bestseller]

  1. Provider: Udemy
  2. Course Content: 32 Hours | 47 Downloadables
  3. Type Of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: ~$9 [97% Off, actual price: $185]
  5. Course Instructors: Rob Percival
best udemy android development course

This course is for people who want to learn Android app development from scratch. It is designed in such a way that beginners can understand the concepts of Java, and design Android apps in a step-by-step manner, having a brilliant layout while avoiding vulnerabilities. It will also cover database services, Geo-location, permissions, monetization, etc. Learn all of these by building 21 real-world applications.


  1. Computer running on Windows, Mac, or Linux
  2. No previous programming experience required

2. Android Java Masterclass – Become an App Developer

  1. Provider: Udemy
  2. Course Content: 60 hours of video | 10 Articles
  3. Type Of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Prerequisite: No previous programming experience is required.
  5. Pricing: $9 [93% Off]
  6. Course Instructor: Tim Buchalka
Android Java Masterclass for beginners

Learn the development of apps that can run on Android as well as on the older versions along with Java. Dive deep into the Android world with this amazing course that will make learning Java a super-easy concept. Learn to use Android Studio, learn databases, web services, constraint layout, and powerful libraries to manipulate images, play videos, and a lot more in this course.

The course curriculum is designed in such a way that each aspect of app development is covered comprehensively. You will not only learn how to program but also learn the “why” of each concept.

3. Developing Android Apps Fundamentals Course

  1. Provider: Udacity
  2. Course Content: 60 hours
  3. Type Of Certification: None
  4. Pricing: Free
  5. Course Instructors: Industry Professionals
Best android fundamentals course

This is a foundation course for Android application development. It covers both theoretical and practical aspects of Android programming. For example, you will start with developing and cloud-connected Android application using Android Studio IDE. Moreover, you will learn all the best practices of Android mobile application development. Key concepts like layouts, APIs, UI elements, intents, content providers, background providers, etc., are covered in this course.

4. Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner to Advanced

  1. Provider: Udemy
  2. Course Content: 17 hours | 2 Downloadables
  3. Type Of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: $9 [97% Off]
  5. Course Instructors: Joe Parys
Best android beginner to advanced course

This course blends basic and advanced concepts to let students gain mastery over Android application development. You will learn to use your Java knowledge to make brilliant apps. The course covers topics like layouts, event handling, fragments, gestures, animations, threads, and transitions to make attractive apps. Other topics include intent, services, list views, database handling, multimedia, and the game development platform Libgdx.


  • Basic knowledge of programming concepts like loops, variables, and objects.
  • Basic knowledge of programming in Java.
  • Students should have a computer with at least 4 GB RAM to run apps on the emulator as well as an Android device.

5. Complete the Android N Developer Course

  1. Provider: Udemy
  2. Course Content: 32.5 hours video | 106 Articles
  3. Type Of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Prerequisite: No prior programming skills are required.
  5. Pricing: $9 [95% Off]
  6. Course Instructor: Rob Percival
Android N Developer Course for beginners

This course will let you develop apps while you learn Android Nougat. You will learn how to make functional apps like WhatsApp, Uber, and Instagram. By the end of the course, you will be able to learn everything about developing apps and marketing tips to generate massive revenue.

The course will help you learn Java and Android Studio, clone apps using Parse server, submit apps to Google Play, Android N, marketing strategies as well as Android wear. You can expect to understand all important concepts of app development, such as Java programming, animation, error handling, controlling audio and video, downloading web content, processing JSON data, and using geolocation in your apps.

6. Android Development For Beginners

  1. Provider: Linkedin Learning
  2. Type Of Certification: Certificate of completion
  3. Pricing: One Month Free
  4. Course Instructors: Industry Professionals
Linkedin learning android beginner course

Learn to code effectively with this tutorial. This tutorial will teach you the platform and the coding principles effectively. From learning Android concepts to making real-world apps, you can do it all with this amazing course! The course content includes creating Marshmallow apps, Git, Java basics, Android Activity, Android layouts, grids, lists, multimedia, JSON, fragments, and the development of a chat app with Firebase.


  1. Must have a PC with Windows 8+, Mac, or Linux.
  2. It is recommended that students have an actual Android device.
  3. This course is for beginners with no coding experience as well as for people who have an urge to learn Android

7. Learn Android Application Development

  1. Provider: Udemy
  2. Course Content: 26 hours
  3. Pricing: Free
  4. Type Of Certification: Certificate of completion
  5. Course Instructor: ProgramMe Programming
Udemy free android development course

This comprehensive tutorial introduces you to Android app development and the necessary tools required for developing applications. The course covers essential Java concepts and lets you develop nearly 61 apps such that each concept becomes deeply ingrained in your brain. Repetition is the key, with this course, you can practice app development and become a professional app developer in just 62 hours!


  1. Must have a computer running on Windows 8+, Mac, or Linux.
  2. Passion for learning
  3. No previous experience required

8. Advanced Android Development by Google

  1. Provider: Udacity [ By Google]
  2. Course Content: 6 weeks
  3. Type Of Certification: None
  4. Pricing: Free
  5. Course Instructors: Industry Professionals
Free advanced android development course by google

This advanced course introduces you to topics like event bus, view pagers, Google API, flavors, recycler views, Firebase, etc. From the start, you will be working on developing, and designing one application and submitting the app to the Google Play Store by the completion of the course.

9. Build 21 apps with a Complete Android and Java development course

  1. Provider: Udemy
  2. Course Content: 34.5 hours video | 33 Articles
  3. Type Of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: ~$9 [97% Off, actual price: $185]
  5. Course Instructor: Paulo Dichone
beginner android development with 21 apps

This course covers basic Android concepts like the essential Java concepts, APIs, web services, databases, and monetization to make fun and engaging Android apps. You will be also developing 21 apps from scratch and clones of apps like WhatsApp.


  1. No previous programming experience required

10. Android Training & Certification – 49 Projects

  1. Provider: Udemy
  2. Course Content: 17 hours of video | 31 Downloadables
  3. Type Of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: ~$9 [97% Off, actual price: $190]
  5. Course Instructor: Vivian Aranha
49 project android course for beginners

If you are passionate about learning Android, go for this course which can teach you coding while learning. Also, you can get Android project training by building 49 real-world applications. The course is structured in such a way that beginners and advanced developers can benefit immensely from working on 49 projects! The course includes fragments, animations, media, storage, ListViews, and threading. JSON parsing, maps, and more!


  1. Basic programming and knowledge of Core Java concepts

11. The Complete Android & Kotlin Development Masterclass

  1. Provider: Udemy
  2. Course Content: 45.5 hours video | 159 Downloadables
  3. Type Of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: ~$9 [97% Off, actual price: $197]
  5. Course Instructor: Denis Panjuta
kotlin android development course for beginner

Learn to build any Android app and push it to the Google Play Store. While learning, You will build apps like Trello, quiz apps, workout apps, whether apps and much more. Also, this course is based on Kotlin Android development as opposed to Java-based development.


1. Knowledge of Object-oriented programming concepts
2. Must have Photoshop and Illustrator installed.

12. Beginning Android

  1. Provider: Treehouse
  2. Course Content: 11 hours
  3. Type Of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: Free for 7 Days
  5. Course Instructors: Industry Professionals
treehouse android app development track

Treehouse offers multiple tracks for Android development. You can start from scratch to build a full-fledged application using Android Studio.

13. Android App Development Specialization

  1. Provider: Coursera
  2. Course Content: Approx 3 Months
  3. Type Of Certification: Specialization Certificate
  4. Pricing: Free
  5. Course Instructors: Dr. Jules White
Android development specialization for beginners

Coursera Android specialization is a five-module course track to learn Android development from scratch. You will start with essential Java for Android development followed by all Android component concepts and implementation tutorials. End of the specialization, you will get a certificate for the course and project completion that you can show in interviews.

14. Android App Development Certification Training

  1. Provider: Edureka
  2. Course Content: 5 Weeks
  3. Type Of Certification: Course Completion Certificate
  4. Pricing: ~ $180
  5. Course Instructors: Industry Professional

Edureka’s Android development course is officially a Google-certified training course. In this course, you will learn end-to-end Android development from a professional who has real-world experience in developing Android applications.


  1. You should have Java programming experience to start with this course.

Frequently Asked Android Courses Questions

  1. Which is the best Android development course online?

    Android development consists of multiple verticals. For example, front-end and back, UI/UX design. Based on the specialization you need, you can choose the best course from top providers like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, etc.

  2. Is there any Android certification exam available?

    Yes. There is an Associate Android Developer certification offered by Google.

  3. How to become a certified Android Developer?

    First, you need to get hands-on experience with Android programming and app development. Then you can go for Google’s Android certification, which is the best Android certification available now.

  4. Is there any Android development course by Google?

    Yes. Udacity Android course offers a full Android advanced course created by Google. You can learn all the advanced Android development concepts from that course.

  5. How much will it cost for the Android Development course?

    You can start learning Android development for free. Also, guided courses start at $9 on platforms like Udemy. You can get a 97% discount on Udemy courses. Also, if you are looking for project reviews & mentorship, you can choose Udacity nano degrees. It will be a bit expensive compared to other providers.

  6. How to learn Android development for Free?

    There are many Android development courses available online, which are free. For example, you can start with the Coursera Android development course followed by a free Udacity advanced Android development course by Google.


We have listed out the best online Android development courses that could help you learn mobile development from scratch.

Also for most of the courses, free download is available for offline viewing. So you don’t have to connect to the internet all the time. You can learn from anywhere.

If you think of any other resource that is helpful, please let us know in the comment section.

Also, if you are learning AWS, you might like the best AWS certification courses for DevOps engineers.

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