6 Top Listed Digital Marketing Free Courses for Beginners

Digital Marketing Free Courses for Beginners

Marketing plays one of the most crucial roles in the success of any organization or business. To make people aware of a product or service while appealing to the desires of the customers is one of the basic goals of any marketing strategy.

While different traditional marketing tools exist, digital marketing techniques completely change the marketing landscape with efficient results. You will get the top-listed digital marketing free courses in your hand.

As most people worldwide are using digital platforms and smart devices, digital marketing tools certainly offer a better success rate for any campaign. Thus, it is also safe to say that digital marketing also proves to be an excellent career choice.

But where can you learn digital marketing? Here are some excellent digital marketing free courses that you can take as a beginner

Best Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners

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LinkedIn: Become a Digital Marketing Specialist

  1. Provider: LinkedIn
  2. Course Content: 11courses|21 hours
  3. Type of Certification: Course Completion
  4. Pricing: Free

With this course, you will use your tactical and analytical skills to help businesses grow while creating new opportunities. This course firstly teaches you about different digital marketing channels like email marketing and social media marketing. Secondly, it also provides you with real-time experience using different marketing tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics. Lastly, this course will also provide you with proper training to use Adobe Suite and other software to create different graphic designs to suit your different needs. 


  1. You will learn how to reach out to target customers by eliminating the noise.
  2. Understand the concepts of SEO and learn different SEO strategies.
  3. This course will also teach you the fundamentals of content marketing.

Digital Garage: Google Digital Garage

  1. Provider: Digital Garage
  2. Pricing: Free

The digital garage by Google serves as a one-stop solution for acquiring new digital marketing skills. Here, you will choose different digital marketing courses, including the fundamentals of the digital marketing course. You will gain different new skills and apply them in your business to drive customer engagement and increase ROI. 


  1. You will be able to get certified by Google and different other universities upon completing a course. 
  2. Moreover, Digital Garage allows you to learn at your own pace without any issue. 
  3. Plus, it offers you unlimited access to study materials and video tutorials. 

Udemy: Understand and Evaluate Digital Marketing Channels

  1. Provider: Udemy
  2. Course Content: 1 hour 24 minutes on-demand video| 5 sections| 10 lectures
  3. Pricing: Free

A free course solely focuses on educating you about different digital marketing channels and how you can use them to benefit your business. Also, this course will introduce you to different tools that you can use as a marketer to engage customers and achieve business goals.


  1. This course will help you understand how you can utilize the different social interaction sites to monitor a brand’s consumer perceptions. 
  2. It will also help you understand the quality of different channels to get the most out of them. 

Coursera: Digital Mark

  1. Provider: Coursera
  2. Course time: Approximately 8 months.
  3. Course Instructor: Aric Rindfleisch and 3 others 
  4. Certification: After course completion

With this course, you will understand the significance of collecting data and the different analytics methods that marketers often use. The course will also help you adapt these techniques and understand the target consumers’ preferences and activities after properly evaluating the collected data. 


  1. With this course’s help, you will learn about different web analytics tools and learn how to use them in real-time. 
  2. You will also learn different methods of evaluating the actions of the consumers on digital or social platforms. 

Edx: Digital Marketing Free Courses

  • Provider: Edx
  • Pricing: Free

Edx has several free marketing courses to offer. You will be able to enroll in top digital marketing courses offered by top-notch universities like UBC, Columbia, and Berkeley.

You will learn different digital marketing techniques such as marketing analytics, social media marketing, and different methods to have a successful career as a digital marketer from these courses. You can also go for different paid digital marketing courses as well.

Skillshare: Online Digital Marketing Classes

  1. Provider: Skillshare
  2. Pricing: 14days free trial

Skillshare offers a plethora of courses for beginners wanting to learn different digital marketing techniques. You will find different courses to grow your social media presence, such as building your Instagram.

Furthermore, you will find courses that will teach you about a digital sales funnel and utilize Google Ads. Choose the right course for yourself and make your mark as a skilled digital marketer.

If you want to know more courses with annual and monthly plans with discounts, then check out the Skillshare discount coupons.


1. Is Digital Marketing a promising career?

Of course, it proves to be a great career path generating excellent salaries and benefits. It is because digital marketing is the key for businesses today to achieve success.

2. How long does it take to learn Digital Marketing?

It entirely depends on your ability to learn new concepts and skills. However, with proper practice and dedication, you must grasp digital marketing basics within two weeks.

3. Can digital marketing make you rich?

Yes, it can make you rich. Digital marketing is vital for companies and businesses to engage with their customers and increase their sales. So, if you have sharp digital marketing skills, you can become rich through digital marketing.


Well, digital marketing is the only way to gain a competitive edge on your customers and boost your sales. With the courses above, you will gain the necessary skills to become a good digital market expert.

As most people worldwide are using digital platforms and smart devices, digital marketing tools certainly offer a better success rate for any campaign.

Thus, it is also safe to say that digital marketing also proves to be an excellent career choice.

So, choose the right course and gain the necessary skills for a successful career in digital marketing using these digital marketing free courses. 

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