Discount Codes for May 2024 discount

In this blog, we have covered all the available discount codes to save money on all its subscription options (free trials & up to 40% discount).

The best way to save on your studies is by using discount coupons. So here, you will get the list of the latest discount coupons to help you get the most bang for your buck.

Special Discount from

Grab flat 30.4% off for the Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus subscriptions from This is for a limited period. Check out below.

Latest Discount Codes & Offers

I have listed all the latest coupons that you could use to save money on monthly, yearly, and two-year plans.

Following is the list of discounts.

Grab flat 25% off for the premium plus subscription from Educative plus an extra 20% off using the Educative exclusive coupon code from Skillslane. This is for a limited period.

Coupon: Use code DEVOPS20 at checkout

[25% Off] Annual Premium Subscription Discount

As a special offer, you can purchase an Annual Subscription for 25% off! Also, check out the latest offers as well.

This would normally cost $200 but with the discount coupon, you will get it for $119. That means you have to pay only $9.99/month. You can check the 3 categories from Educative: one is Standard, the other one is Premium, and the last one is Premium Plus.

This includes 12 months of unlimited access to all courses (including new ones added every week!) and completion certificates.

[20% Off] Discount for Monthly Subscription

You can save big by subscribing to monthly classes with!

A subscription offers a flat 20% discount compared to the regular price, and you’ll get access to some pretty incredible courses while staying on budget.

The actual price is $59 for a month. But now with the coupon, you will get it for $47/month.

1 month of unlimited access to our course library with new courses every week and regular updates on existing content. Also after completing each course, you will be getting a completion certificate as well.

Educate yourself today: Monthly subscriptions let fast learners explore different curricula without breaking the bank.

[24% off] Discount for Two-Year Plan

This offer is one of the best offers for saving the maximum amount from your pocket. So if you are planning for 2 years, you can save even more.

Here, you will get all the features that are provided in the standard subscription plan, plus you will get extra projects(with real-world coding)as well as personalized learning plans such as isolating the important things. Free Trial Account

Sign up for your 7-day trial today and see what you can learn in just one week! You can check out more than 400 courses from If you finish learning a particular course within a week you are utilizing the free trial at the maximum without paying anything.

You’ll get access to all courses from top professionals around the world. You can check your favorite course with fully functional service with no obligation to purchase as well.

Accelerate your IT career by learning new skills on-demand, anytime and anywhere.

Check Out Something New

You will be surprised by the latest and most attractive courses from related to

  1. Apache Spark and Java
  2. Web Apps
  3. Effective Software Engineering
  4. Programming

Check out the courses that are more relevant to you and always use the latest discount coupons as well to save maximum.

6 months of Access

Are you a student with the skills to code with a GitHub student account?

Your membership will give you unlimited access for 6 months and it’ll be free!

If you haven’t already done so.

Start by signing up for a GitHub Student Developer Pack.

After getting approved, you can apply for the free 6-month trial period. six month free account

The GitHub Teacher Toolbox is an excellent way to jump-start your career.

You’ll get over $2,000 in academic value with a bundle that includes a course in Machine Learning, Web Development, Python, Kubernetes, etc with Educative’s courses spanning over 60 subjects and 6 months of free access -don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Educative For BootCamps

To understand more about Bootcamps, you can talk directly to the Bootcamp experts from the Educative team. The meeting can last for 30 minutes.

You can proceed with the Educative BootCamp team if you are satisfied with their way of teaching and understanding each concept.

The actual price for BootCamp is $99 for 3 months. You will update current BootCamp offers from this page. Check out the latest exclusive discount codes from here.

Short Review on is a new online learning platform that offers courses in the form of videos, quizzes, and interactive exercises for students to learn at their own pace. platform was created with developers and software engineers in mind and it focuses on upskilling, mastering new topics, and preparing for coding interviews.

Did you know that reading can often be significantly faster than watching a video?

If you prefer to read the text instead of watching videos, then check out this platform. 

If you’re looking to brush up on your coding interview skills, then take a look at this platform for courses specifically crafted to prepare future applicants.

They offer top-tier training like Grooking the System Design and Grokking The Coding Interview Pattern which are sure to be an asset when it comes time for applying or interviewing;

so don’t hesitate!

Why should I subscribe to

One of the most beneficial things a software engineer or developer can have is continual learning.

Following are the topics covered by

  1. Python for programmers
  2. Become a Machine Learning Engineer
  3. DevOps for Developers
  4. Java for Programmers
  5. Python Data Analysis and Visualization
  6. Scalability & System Design for Developers
  7. Ace the Python Coding Interview
  8. Fundamentals of Web Programming

There are many great resources out there, but not all of them offer what you need to stay on top of your game.

Educative is an intuitive platform that offers a personalized experience for every user. It’s easy to learn about new technologies and ideas with Educative! 

It also includes some features like becoming a coding specialist with real-time examples, coding interviews, etc that make this resource so special and unique. 

This way, engineers don’t have to worry about wasting time searching through hundreds of videos trying to find what they’re looking for.

Everything can be found in one place. That’s!!!

Is there anything You should know before signing up for an educative course?

Educative offers a wide range of courses for those looking to build their skills.

The content is written by either the company’s dedicated team members who specialize in technical writing or experienced writers outside of our organization with extensive knowledge of each subject matter.

Some authors offer us access to their published texts while others write exclusively for Educative;

however, all follow strict guidelines set forth by professional educators and industry experts before being released onto our platform.

Educative provides a channel for creative writers to publish their content and have full control over how it is offered.

Authors can upload courses on various subjects, with interactive features like code snippets, playground quizzes, and graphs that are built into the Educative platform.

With Educative, learners can read at their own speed and build real projects without the hassle of extra downloads.

Purchasing a course is as easy as clicking “buy now.” A learner never loses content either; once purchased, you’ll be able to go back whenever you want and see it again in your library forever!

Organizations that are interested in upskilling or L&D for their employees may also purchase special subscriptions from Educative.

How to be more productive even though you’re slow?

Do you ever feel like you’re reading a book and it’s going way too fast for you?

You can’t keep up with the text, let alone comprehend what is being said. That’s because not every learning style or pace works for everyone.

If this sounds familiar to you, then don’t worry! We have found that most people learn best when they are at their own pace. is all about how to get started learning on your own time and in your own way.

Four resources for

One is the Educative blog which comprises all types of information needed for a particular blog. This has categories like featured articles, computer science, data science, etc.

The second one includes the EM hub which includes podcasts, contributors as well and articles from world-class engineering managers.

The third one is educative sessions where you can learn from video classes for each topic and about the platform.

The fourth one is educative answers which means you can see the important queries as questions and the corresponding answers too.

FAQs Related To

How can I get free educative courses?

You’ll get free access for 6 months of full access with your GitHub student account.

How to make an payment?

Services are available to all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. Paypal Credit for installment payments.

I couldn’t be happier with my course. I bought it about a month ago and now want to upgrade to the annual subscription, but can I get credit for what’s already been paid?

You can get a whole year’s worth of courses for free with the 30-day credit offer! Purchase an annual subscription and Educative will apply your previous course credits towards it.

How do I save on

When you’re on Educative Paths, just enter the specific path of your choice and click “Save This Position” at the top.

How do you reset course progress in

Of course, you can! Just click on the button right next to your progress and it’s all done.

Where you will get the latest discount coupons?

All the latest discount codes and coupon codes are updated on this same page. You can check in Skillslane by searching discount codes.

What is the latest coupon?

You can get an exclusive discount using coupon DEVOPS20. It is applicable for educative unlimited and two yearly subscription plans.


You’ve just learned about the benefits of subscribing to and how you can get your first 6 months free with our trial account offer.

If you are ready to take charge of your career, education, or personal development goals then sign up for a subscription today!

Are there any questions that we didn’t answer? Leave us a comment below and one of our team members will be happy to help!

Also, if you are a DevOps Engineer, check out the Linux Foundation Coupons to get up to 50% discount on certifications, courses, boot camps, and Skillcreds.

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